Filing of joint declaration of deviation.

All lease agreements issued must be accompanied by a checklist of clauses within the Code of Conduct and all clauses which deviate from the Code of Conduct must be flagged by landlord for tenant’s attention. For clauses where the Code of Conduct allows for deviation, a joint declaration of deviation shall be filed with FTIC within 14 days of signing of lease agreement if both parties agree with the deviation. The filing should be done by landlord of the tenancy premises.
Please ensure you have the done the following before you proceed with the filing:
  1. Signed the lease agreement
  2. Sought consent from tenant for deviation from the Code of Conduct and have the email contact of the tenant that will be endorsing the joint declaration
  3. Have a softcopy of the completed Checklist as set out in Appendix 1 of Part D of the Code of Conduct for uploading
The estimated time for completion of filing is 10 minutes.

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